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Custom Jewelry Design Services

  • Please schedule an appointment for an initial consultation.
    • Call (705) 946-5364 to schedule a time to meet in-person

Plan ahead!

  1. It may take some time to estimate the cost of labor and materials required to complete your custom jewelry. You will be told if additional research is required and we will get back to you within the agreed-upon time frame.
  2. Please allow an additional 7 days to complete your piece if we have all materials required in-house and 2-4 weeks if we need to order materials. 


  1. A $5 consultation fee is charged for all projects under $50
  2. Free consultations for all projects over $50
  3. Deposits of 50% the final price of each custom piece must be paid prior to beginning work on your order. Deposits are non-refundable and the remaining 50% is due upon completion of your order, prior to pickup. 
  • Custom jewelry that has not been paid for in-full, and goes unclaimed for more than 2 weeks following completion, may be returned to inventory and sold for full price (unless alternative arrangements were previously made).
  • All sales of custom jewelry is final (this is because it was made to your precise specifications and may not be well-suited to the mass market).