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Uranium Glass Wire-Wrapped Steampunk Earrings in Antiqued Brass


These wicked, wire-wrapped earrings were made with antiqued brass wire, beads and bead caps, with brass watch parts and uranium vaseline glass beads. The wire was oxidized, then sealed with clear lacquer to resist tarnish and preserve the finish over time. Each earring is about 1+1/4" long and about 1" wide-- so the main part of the earring, minus the charm is about the size of a quarter (coin).

Uranium glass fluoresces bright green under UV light and although it registers above background radiation on a Geiger counter, uranium glass is only negligibly radioactive and considered harmless. Uranium glass is often referred to as "vaseline glass" and acquired this nickname in the 1920s, given it's visual similarity to commercial petroleum jelly sold at that time. The term "vaseline glass" is still used widely in the United States and can refer to other kinds of glass that resemble it, but only glass that contains uranium fluoresces under black light, as shown in these photos.

Your earrings will ship securely in a lovely gift box direct from my studio to your chosen destination. Makes a great gift, or... spoil yourself & keep them. The choice is yours! I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I did making them for you.

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