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Wire-Wrapped Tektite (Meteorite Impactite) Pendant Necklace in Antiqued Sterling Silver with Rhodolite Garnet


Earth and space come together in this elaborate wire-wrapped pendant. Handcrafted with a natural tektite (meteorite impactite) swathed in finely woven Sterling silver wire and faceted, gem-quality rhodolite garnet beads. The wire was oxidized naturally with egg yolk, polished, then sealed in a coat of clear lacquer to preserve the aged finish of the piece and resist tarnish. The entire pendant measures 43x26x19mm (1.7" x 1.0" x 0.7") and comes on an 18" Sterling silver chain that closes with a lobster-claw clasp.

Tektites are natural glass rocks up to a few centimeters in size, which most scientists argue were formed by the impact of large meteorites on Earth's surface. According to the terrestrial-impact theory, a meteorite impact melts material from the Earth's surface and ejects it up to several hundred kilometers away from the impact site, through space (which accounts for their drastically low water content, which averages just 0.005%). The molten material cools and solidifies to glass before falling back down to Earth.

Your pendant will arrive in a lovely gift box and ship securely in a padded envelope with tracking direct from my studio to your chosen destination. Makes a great gift for the space enthusiast in your life.

*Coins are shown for scale and will not be included with the jewelry.

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