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Libyan Desert Glass Meteorite Impactite Wire-Wrapped Pendant Necklace in Antiqued Sterling Silver with Rainbow Moonstone


This beautiful, handcrafted pendant features a rare and authentic piece of Libyan desert glass, lovingly wrapped in solid Sterling silver wire. The wire was then oxidized naturally with egg yolk, then sealed in clear lacquer, to resist tarnish and protect the aged finish of the piece over time. Faceted rainbow moonstone beads add visual intrigue, glowing blue as the pendant turns in the light. This stone was not cut, so as to retain all it's natural features and properties. Wavey ripples span the entire surface; a by-product of centuries of natural sand-blasting. You can still see grains of sand, tiny air bubbles and small particles (meteorite?) suspended inside. The entire pendant measures 55x37x17mm (2.2" x 1.5" x 0.7") and comes suspended on an 18" Sterling silver chain. Since each piece of desert glass is unique, with distinct shape/color/texture, this pendant is one-of-a-kind so there won't ever be another like it.

The origins of Libyan desert glass remains hotly debated by the scientific community. However, the most predominant theory proposes a meteoritic origins (making this a tektite, or meteorite impactite). In other words, this glass was formed by the impact of a comet or meteorite. The heat from such an event would have flash-molten the desert sands,vaporizing quartz (the major constituent of sand) and meteoritic metals. Note the presence of tiny air bubble inclusions suspended within the stone, and wavy surface textures which are the result of rapid cooling. Libyan desert glass is similar in makeup and composition to trinitite, a glassy substance formed by the detonation of the plutonium-based nuclear bomb (Trinity) test on the desert floor in New Mexico. Libyan desert glass has been dated to an age of approximately 26 million years.

To learn more about Libyan Desert Glass, I highly recommend the BBC documentary, " Tutankhamun's Fireball " , which can usually be found on YouTube.

Your pendant will arrive in a lovely gift box and ship securely in a padded envelope with international tracking and insurance direct from my studio to your chosen destination.

*Coins in photo are shown for scale and will not be included with this item.

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